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If you bought the product from a local shop/from a dealer, please contact the shop where you acquired the product. The staff there are your point of contact and will take care of you. The shop will then get in touch with our warranty department.

If you bought the product from the Duotone online shop (https://shop.duotonesports.com), please proceed as follows: in the event of a production fault or defect, please send the relevant item to the following address:

Boards & More GmbH

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The package must include the following: the faulty goods, name, email address (used to make the purchase), order ID or invoice number, date of purchase and a brief description of the damage.

Sometimes it´s not completely clear which spare part you should get. It will be easier if you understand how our item numbers work. The third digit always shows you from which year the product is. So the article 44900-1234 is from 2019 and the article 44800-1234 is from 2018
If you are not happy with your purchase, you can send it back within 30 days without claiming any reasons. Goods cannot be exchanged. Please attach the return form to your package when returning the product.
We will contact you directly when we receive the package. We will refund the purchase price within 14 days after receiving the package. We will not refund the shipping costs.
Due to the fact that the "send to shop" service is quite new, it might be possible that your local shop is not providing this service. But don´t worry, we are constantly adding new shops to this service. It might also help if you ask your local shop, if they would like to provide this service.

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You might have noticed that for some products we are just providing "sample images". The reason for this is, we´re having such a big amount of different spare parts and constantly adding new ones to provide the best service. Every year there are changes for every model. Sometimes those changes might be just minor, so you won´t realise them. That´s why we use similar photos for similar products.
Head over to our website and try the Style and Size Finder on the Product Overview page. It’s a great tool to help find the best product for you.
Yes, you just need our  Adapter Strap accessory which makes every SUP become compatible with the iRIG.
The iRIG is basically so light and so easy to trade, that even five-year-olds have fun surfing. However, he should be able to swim, carry a life jacket and not leave the water unattended.
The iRIG is delivered without a pump. There is, however, an adapter included, which fits on any commercial SUP pump.
The iRIG works in the tiniest breeze and up to approx. 12 knots. If you use the iRIG in stronger winds it will not get destroyed but the mast bladder will start to collapse under the wind pressure.
Yes the iRIG comes including a base plate. This base fits onto every board featuring either a mast track or a thread-hole. In case your (SUP) board does not feature a thread-hole you can still use the iRIG by getting the  Adapter Strap  for base plate.
Drifting off wind will always remain an issue especially on inflatable SUP boards as these have very round rails and do not feature a dagger-board. Fortunately we have resolved this problem with our  Drift Stopper.
The DRIFT STOPPER is adjustable in length. "Out of the box” the shortest setting is 76 cm - the longest setting is 80 cm. Since your board width is just 70 cm you would need to cut down the DRIFT STOPPER. The design allows for this but it requires handy-man abilities.
Also when using a 70 cm wide SUP for Windsurfing it is quite hard to keep the balance - at least for a beginner.
In summery yes it’s doable but not really ideal.